Hanggliding and Paragliding

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book it now (21) 9 9694-7323(21) 7725-3068 or 2422-8586 (Frazão) betorotor@gmail.com

Get your dream come true. Fly! Taking off on a hang glider or paraglider with an instructor is really very easy. All the necessary procedures for a safe and pleasurable flight will be communicated to you by the instructor a few minutes before take off. If you're older than 5,  you'll be able to fly. No prior experience is requested. The take-off ramp is located 1663 ft (512) meters above sea level in the Tijuca National Park. You will land on Pepino Beach.

Barefooted people will be refrained from flying. Sandals and the like are certainly to be avoided. 17-year-olds and younger will only fly if parental authorization is provided in writing. A photograph or video camera may be attached to the far end of the wing so that pilot and passenger can be recorded "on the flight". Security equipment include belts, snap hooks, helmets and emergency parachutes. Pilots are required to produce their ABVL instructor cards upon request. Anyone whose flight happens to be canceled as the result of improper weather conditions will have another opportunity to fly or will be reimbursed. After the flight, you will be know the biggest slan of the south america Rocinha.  You may bring some company along for free, provided there is space available on the land vehicle. Book it now and have a nice hangliding tour flying like a bird. Book now


Instructional flight Paragliding or Hang-gliding : (21) 7725-3068 betorotor@gmail.com

Flight Instruction flight is one where two people flying on the same equipment , specially designed to withstand safely : Instructor and student, which can be any person with a maximum weight of 120 kg , aged from 16 years with identity and authorization the charge . reparing for flight in hang glider or paraglider wing :

Before flying , the pilot explains and practice with the student , the procedures for takeoff , flight and landing , which are very simple .

Besides checking whether the student is dressed appropriately with a comfortable sport type clothing and sneakers or shoes that will help in the race for takeoff .

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Call ahead to find out the weather conditions for the flight ( 21 ) 7725-3068 .

* Enrollment in CSCVL , everyone should do - Club São Conrado free flight: R $ 20,00

Monday - The ramp is less crowded , allowing greater comfort .

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are days of plenty of movement

Call and schedule : (21) 7725-3068 / (21) 9 9694-7323 - 7841-1348  Nextel 97 * 1188 Beto Rotor

Schedule primarily by email : betorotor@gmail.com Leave contact phone number ,

Tell : Age , weight and height .

leave our phones in the area of flight ramp, due to lack of signal , if not

answered call 15 minutes later, this is the rise time for flight ramp.

Claim map of the meeting point and send to your email .







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